Version 9.0

released on October 7, 2021

Breaking Changes

  • the svg field in the shape object is replaced with the new template property
  • the join and action shapes have been removed
  • to style a diagram block you need to refer to its inner elements

Check details in the Migration article to evaluate the influence on your projects and get info on the current functionality.

New Features

  • ability to rotate blocks in the workspace
  • ability to change links position by drag-n-drop
  • much more flexible way to define a custom shape via new template field
  • new square field in the item object. Allows preserving item dimensions when it is get resized via form or workspace
  • ability to get item value via the getItemValue method
  • ability to build link path via the from and to link fields
  • ability to adjust item width/height to its content via the adjustItem method


  • overriding default views and services doesn't always work for Windows builds
  • onItemClick is not called in production version
  • all complex and skin demos are supplied with Editor
  • clearing links and blocks before parsing Editor data into Diagram
  • undo module overwrites item data
  • export to PNG/PDF as image generates a corrupt image
  • Editor form is not scrollable
  • Editor does not clear previous selection before setting the new value
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