User Manager View Class Map

User Manager consists of the following Jet views:

  • "addmenu" - a popup menu in the sidebar
  • "sections/toolbar" - a toolbar with the search bar and the toggle control for matrices
  • "sections/view" - main container for rendering users/roles/rules tables in
  • "sidebar" - sidebar with the users, roles and rules options
  • "top" - the main User Manager container
  • "topbar" - User Manager topbar (contains menu button in the compact mode, labels, etc.)




User Manager top view


User Manager container

User audit section

Window for setting a new password

User details

User editor tabbar and form

Users table

Users matrix

User roles

Users rule matrix

User rules

User matrix control

Role details

Role editor tabbar and form

Roles table

Roles matrix

Role members

Role access rights

Rules table

Rule details

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