called during drag-n-drop, when some item of the component should be marked as an active drop target

boolean $dragMark(object context,Event ev);


contextobjecta drag-n-drop context
evEventa native HTML event


booleanreturning false will prevent a drag operation

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The method isn't purposed for direct call! It is an extension point.

You can override it with your own logic, but check drag-n-drop related events first, as they provide a much more convenient way of drag-n-drop handling.

The drag-and-drop context can have the following properties:

  • from - the source object
  • to - the target object
  • source - the id of dragged item(s)
  • target - the id of the drop target, null for a drop on an empty space
  • start - the id from which drag-and-drop has started
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