the URL that the component will use to reload data during binding

string| function dataFeed;


var myform = webix.ui({
  container: "box",
  view: "form",
  dataFeed: "data/form.php"


Using during binding

In the related sample the property is used in the 'binding' context. This allows you to reload data in the bound component directly from the server, not from the master component as expected.

For example, you have a form bound to a grid. The form displays details of the record selected in the grid. Let's assume you select a record. What happens with the slave component?

  • Default behavior: the form takes record details from the grid (the data is on the client);
  • Using "dataFeed": the form loads record details directly from the server (data comes from the server).

Using dataFeed for Forms and Collections

The logic of "dataFeed" behavior is the same for forms and collections (i.e. data components), yet the difference lies in the parameters for the URL that is formed to send requests to server:

Let's assume that dataFeed is "data/form.php":

  • for forms the request URL looks like: "data/form.php?action=get&id=" +
  • for data components the request URL is as follows: "data/form.php?filter[id]=" +

where obj is the selected data item in the master component.

Datafeed as function

Datafeed can be also defined as a function that reloads data for the component.

In the code below, the suggest component linked to an input reloads data based on the current input value:

  view: "suggest",
  keyPressTimeout: "1000",
  input: $$("text_search"),
  body: {
    dataFeed: function (text) {
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