sets a new value for the component

void setValue(string value, [any config] );


valuestringa new value for the control
configanyoperation config


// three-field multitext
multitext.setValue("valueA, valueB, valueC");


To set values for multiple multitext fields, provide a comma-separated string for this method, if a different delimiter is not set by the separator property.

The values are set one after another:

  • If there are fewer values than multitext fields, the unused fields as well as their values are removed;
  • If there are more values than available multitext fields, the additional fields are added.

To set value only for the first (basic) field, use the setValueHere method. It resets only the basic field, while other fields together with their values are preserved.

The second parameter can be of any type (from a string to an object). config will be passed to the onChange event as the last parameter.

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