add adds a new item to the tree
changeId changes the id of a data item
clearAll removes all items from the component
count returns the number of currently visible items (counts both parent and child nodes)
each iterates through the collection of tree data items
eachChild iterates through the first-level children of the specified branch
eachLeaf iterates through the leaves (items with no sub-items) of the specified branch
eachOpen iterates through opened nodes of the tree (both parent and child)
eachSubItem iterates through all children (of any level) of the specified branch
getBranch returns dataset from some branch in the tree-like component
getBranchIndex gets index of the node in a specific branch
getFirstChildId gets the ID of the first child of the specified branch
getNextSiblingId returns the ID of the next sibling of the specified node
getParentId get the ID of the parent node of the specified item
getPrevSiblingId returns the id of the previous sibling of the specified node
getTopRange returns an array of the top tree data items
isBranch checks whether the node has any children
provideApi assigns methods (and events) of DataStore to an object
remove removes the specified item/items from datastore
serialize serializes data to an array of JSON objects
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