fires after a cell is selected

void onAfterSelect(object selection,boolean preserve);
selectionobjectthe selected object
preservebooleanindicates whether the previous selection state should be saved


some.attachEvent("onAfterSelect", function(selection, preserve){
  //... some code here ...


The selection object depends on the selection mode and includes the following attributes:

  • row - the id of the row with selection
  • column - the id of the column with selection
  • id - the id of the selected item (row, column, or cell, depending on the applied selection mode)

If the multiselect mode is enabled, the event will fire:

  • Each time you select an item with Ctrl+click;
  • Once for each selected item in the group during Shift+click selection.

In each case, the ID of the newly selected item should be passed to the event.

To get the IDs of currently selected items, you can use a combination of the onSelectChange event and the selectRange method.

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