sets a value for Filter (fields and rules for filtering)

void setValue(object value, [any config] );


valueobjectthe object with fields and rules
configanyoperation config


  "condition": {
    "filter": "9",
    "type": ">="
  "includes": [9]


In order to set a value for Filter, you need to pass an object with the following properties:

  • condition - a set of filtering conditions with the following properties:
    • filter - the filter value;
    • type - the filter rule
  • includes - an array of the values that will be selected in the option list. If you don't want any values to be selected, the parameter must be an empty array
  • start, end - Date objects for the start and end dates (for "date" type).

The second parameter can be of any type (from a string to an object). config will be passed to the onChange event as the last parameter.

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