fires before an event is being dragged

boolean onBeforeEventDrag(object context,object event){ ... };


contextobjectan object with drag context
eventobjectHTML event


booleanreturning false will block drag operations


$$("scheduler1").attachEvent("onBeforeEventDrag", function(context, e) {
  webix.message(`onBeforeEventDrag for <br/>${context.event.text || "(No title)"}`);
  const mode = this.getState().mode;
  if (mode === "week") {
    webix.message("Custom DnD restriction in Week mode", "error");
    return false;

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The context object contains the following fields:

  • event (object) - an event object
  • id (string) - event ID
  • $resize (boolean) - optional. true if event is resized in Day mode
  • from (object) - information about source of Drag-n-Drop
  • node (node) - a node of the dragged event
  • target (node) - optional. Target of drag event (only in Day and Week modes).

Returning false from the event handler will block drag operations in Scheduler.

$$("scheduler1").attachEvent("onBeforeEventDrag", function(context, e) {
  return false;
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