Custom Webix Build

You can create a custom build of the Webix library. A custom build allows you to choose the widgets you need and get a lighter version of the library.

Follow the simple instructions below:

1. To create a custom build, you need source files of the library. To get them you should:

2. In the Webix folder run the command below to install a local package:

npm install

3. Go to webix/sources and open the webix.js file.

4. Comment paths to the widgets you don't need in your build leaving only the necessary ones.

5. Build your custom package of Webix by running in the console the corresponding command:

npm build

The resulting source files will be located in the webix/codebase directory.

In case you want to minify the build even more, you can comment the path to mixins.

export * from "./core/index";

However, make sure it won't affect the code that uses widgets.

Support for custom builds is limited.

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