Common Functions to Switch Between Views

When switching views with the help of API, you can refer either to the cells and view in them or to the switching controls.

Setting Value for the Tabbar/Segmented/TabView

Either of the controls as well as TabView have common initialization pattern where tabs are stored in the options array:

{view:"tabbar", id:"tabbar1", multiview:true, options: 
    [{id:"1", value:"Tab1"}, {id:"2", value:"Tab2"}]

Tabs are connected to the MultiView cells, so if you set the value for button, the dedicated view will be opened:

$$("tabbar1").setValue("2"); //the 2nd tab with "Tab2" value will be set

Showing the Necessary View

These functions are used to show the specified view:

  • show(); - makes the specified view visible. Is called from the needed view;
  • back(); - switches to the view you've come from. Is called from the MultiView object.

To enable switching between views you can:

  • make use of a JS button from this lib or a standard HTML button and attach the function to it;
  • trigger the switching function on any event in the app. For instance, "onItemClick" event allows clicking any component (not necessarily a button) and make the specified view visible.

Two-Cell MultiView

        { id:"listView", view:"list" },
        { id:"formView", view:"form" }
 //html button 
 <input type='button' onclick='$$("cell_a").show()' value="show cell A"> 
//list item clicking enables the switching
//back navigation - fires alongside with a form-saving function
function save(){

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Nested MultiView

If a cell is a MultiView itself, i.e. contains several cells of its own, the switching function requires true argument to get to these lower-level views.

    { cells:[ //1st cell
            id:"chartView", //2nd cell
                    view:"chart", 1st sub-cell
                    view:"chart", //2nd sub-cell

To switch from listView to any of ChartView cells, you need to call the show(true); function:

<input type='button' onclick='$$("chart1").show(true)' 
    value="show chart1 and parents">

At the same time, if you switch between chart1 and chart2 that lie on the same level, you needn't refer to the parent view and can do with the show(); function.

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