Version 7.4

released on July 7, 2020


  • ability to hide player and editor by configuration settings
  • Ctrl+F hotkey to focus in the search input
  • Ctrl+A hotkey to select all items in the directory
  • deleting confirmation window shows the names of items to be deleted
  • upload folder sample
  • ability to open file location from the search view


  • selected cards are not highlighted in compact mode
  • dark theme for text editor in Contrast skin
  • unnecessary loading call in Search view
  • reloading branch after folder renaming
  • regression with displaying file name on editor toolbar
  • click outside data unselects a file/folder
  • ability to define max width for a compact mode
  • editor toolbar label wrapped long filenames
  • reloading file system info after upload and remove operations
  • a simple way to clear files cache
  • data does not update after changing items in search view
  • top position of Folders popup does not depend on skin
  • inability to return to search view from file editor
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