Configuring ToDo

As a complex widget, ToDo consists of many stand-alone Webix views with its own API.
You can redefine inner views and also you can work with the specific ToDo settings.

Basic Configuration

You can use the following settings to provide the basic config of the widget:

  • data (array) - JavaScript array containing data for the component;
  • users (array) - an array of users;
  • projects (array) - an array of projects.
    view: "todo",
    data: base_data,
    users: users,
    projects: projects,

See the full list of available properties in the API reference.

User Configuration

Use the users property to provide a list of possible assignees for the task.

Each object in the users array should have the following properties:

  • id (string) - the id of the user;
  • value (string) - the user name;
  • path (string) - the path to the user's icon.
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