fires when the component loads data that contain the config tag (key)

void onServerConfig(object config){ ... };


configobjectthe config object


view.data.attachEvent("onServerConfig", function(config){
    //... some code here ...


When the parser processes data and comes across the tag (key) named "config", it calls the onServerConfig event (before onAfterLoad).

Applicable only to data in the XML and JSON formats

You might want to change the name of the tag (key) the parser should look for. In this case, use the DataDriver class and the following command:

webix.DataDriver.[format].config = "/*/[keyword]";

For example, to make the parser search for the "conf" tag instead of "config" in the XML data, you should call the command as in:

webix.DataDriver.xml.config = "/*/conf";
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