onAfterAdd fires after adding an item to the datastore
onAfterDelete fires after an item is removed
onAfterFilter fires after DataStore was filtered
onAfterSort fires after sorting dataset
onBeforeAdd fires before adding an item to the datastore
onBeforeDelete fires before an item is removed
onBeforeFilter fires before component filtering
onBeforeSort fires before sorting of the dataset
onClearAll fires after datastore was cleared
onDataUpdate fires when a data item is being updated
onIdChange the event fires when the ID of a record is changed
onParse fires when data are ready to be processed by the component
onServerConfig fires when the component loads data that contain the config tag (key)
onServerOptions fires when client side api loads sub-collection from server side
onStoreLoad fires after data is loaded from external resource
onStoreUpdated fires after data is changed in datastore
onSyncApply fires the moment sync() method is applied
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