fires before sorting of the dataset

boolean onBeforeSort(string/function/undefined by,string/undefined dir,string/function as);
bystring/function/undefinedthe template of the sort-by field
dirstring/undefinedthe direction of sorting
asstring/functionthe type of sorting
booleanreturning false will prevent sorting


view.data.attachEvent("onBeforeSort", function(by, dir, as){
    //... some code here ...


Returning false from the event handler will block further processing, and data will not be sorted.

If the third param is a function, the parameters of such a function are the following:

  • a (object) - the first data item
  • b (object) - the second data item
  • prop(string) - the name of the field that the data will be sorted by.
table.sort("#fieldName#", "desc", function(a, b, prop) {
   return a[prop] - b[prop];
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