addView adds a new view to a carousel or moves an existing one
adjust adjusts the component to the size of the parent HTML container
adjustScroll adjusts scrolling direction to screen mode (vertical or horizontal)
attachEvent attaches the handler to an inner event of the component
bind binds components
blockEvent temporarily blocks triggering of ALL events of the calling object
callEvent calls an inner event
define redefines a single configuration property (or a object with properties)
destructor destructs the calling object
detachEvent detaches a handler from an event (which was attached before by the attachEvent method)
disable disables the calling view (makes it dimmed and unclickable)
enable enables the calling view that was disabled by the 'disable' method
getActiveId gets the id of the current selected item
getActiveIndex gets the index of the current active item
getChildViews returns child views of the calling component
getFormView returns master form for the input
getLayout gets layout object with carousel views
getNode returns the main HTML container for the calling object
getParentView returns the parent view of the component
getTopParentView returns the top parent view
hasEvent checks whether the component has the specified event handler
hide hides the view
isEnabled checks whether the view is enabled
isVisible checks whether the view is visible
mapEvent routes events from one object to another
queryView returns inner element/elements of a widget that correspond(s) to the defined parameters
removeView removes the specified view of a carousel
resize adjusts the view to a new size
scrollTo scrolls the carousel and scrollview container to a certain position
setActive selects the item with the specified id
setActiveIndex selects the item with the specified index
show makes the component visible
showNext shows the next item of the carousel
showPrev shows the previous item of the carousel
unbind breaks "bind" link
unblockEvent cancels events blocking that was enabled by the 'blockEvent' command
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