onAfterAdd fires after adding an item to the datastore
onAfterCollapse fires after an item collapses in the accordion
onAfterCopy fires after a card has been copied
onAfterDelete fires after an item is removed
onAfterEditorShow fires after the editor is opened
onAfterExpand fires after an item expands in the accordion
onAfterLoad fires after data loading is complete
onAfterSort fires after sorting dataset
onAfterStatusChange fires after an item has been dropped into the list with a different status
onAvatarClick fires on clicking an avatar in the item
onBeforeAdd fires before adding an item to the datastore
onBeforeCopy fires before a card is copied
onBeforeDelete fires before an item is removed
onBeforeEditorAction fires when the user clicks Save/Remove buttons in the Kanban editor
onBeforeEditorShow fires before the Kanban editor is opened
onBeforeLoad fires immediately before data loading has started
onBeforeSort fires before sorting of the dataset
onBeforeStatusChange fires before an item is going to be dropped into the list with a different status
onBindRequest fires when the component is ready to receive data from the master component
onDataRequest fires when data from the server is requested for linear data structures (List, DataTable, DataView etc.) to implement dynamic data loading
onDataUpdate fires when a data item is being updated
onDestruct occurs when component destroyed
onListAfterContextMenu fires after the context menu was called in the item area
onListAfterDrop fires after drag-n-drop has finished
onListAfterSelect fires after an item has been selected
onListBeforeContextMenu fires on an item right click, before the native context menu is displayed
onListBeforeDrag fires before the mouse button is pressed and the cursor is moved over a draggable item
onListBeforeDragIn fires before a dragged element is moved over the droppable list
onListBeforeDrop fires before a dragged element is released over the droppable list
onListBeforeSelect fires before an item selection started
onListDragOut fires when a dragged element is moved outside of the droppable list
onListIconClick fires on clicking any icon in the list item
onListItemClick fires on an item click
onListItemDblClick fires when an item has been double-clicked
onLoadError fires when an error occurs during data loading (invalid server side response)
onViewShow fires when any hidden view is shown
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