defines data fields

array fields;


    view: "pivot",
    predicates: {
        date: webix.Date.dateToStr(webix.i18n.dateFormat),
    fields: [
        { id: "client", value: "client", type: "text" },
        { id: "date", value: "date", type: "date", predicate: "date" },
        { id: "statistics", value: "statistics", type: "number" },

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The property allows specifying data fields manually. Each object can include the following fields:

  • id (string) - field ID. Must coincide with the data item field name
  • type (number) - field type. Possible values are:
    • "text" - if field value is a string
    • "number" - if field value is a number
    • "date" - if field value is a date.
  • value (string) - field value that will be displayed
  • predicate (string) - predicate of the field
  • prepare (function) - prepares raw data. Accepts a single parameter - raw value (e.g. "2007").

The prepare function accepts a raw value (e.g. "2007") and makes it digestible for further processing by the predicate setting. Thus the "2007" can be transformed into JS date (Mon Jan Jan 01 2007 00:00:00).

The predicate field in its turn will format the transformed value according to the predicates set in the predicates object in the configuration.

Note that if the fields property is not set, fields will be automatically generated based on the incoming data.

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