defines custom predicates

object predicates;


  view: "pivot",
  structure: {
    columns: ["year"],
    rows: ["form", "name"],
    values: [{ name: "oil", operation: ["min", "sum"] }],
    filters: [{ name: "year" }],
  predicates: {     year: webix.Date.dateToStr("%Y"),   },
  url: ""

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The predicates object helps to define custom format for dates. For example, raw date may look like Mon Oct 11 2021 00:00:01. It is not preferable format when it comes to grouping and filtering data, so you can process the date as follows:

predicates: {
  date: webix.Date.dateToStr("%d/%m/%Y"),

and get a processed value that in this case looks like 11/10/2021.

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