Drag-and-Drop with Tree and TreeTable

In case of Tree and TreeTable where data are presented in a hierarchical way, it's vital to specify how tree nodes would be dragged between different levels.

By default, if a tree node is dragged into the branch of the same level of its parent, it becomes the first child of this branch. At the same time, if you drop lower-level nodes to the higher-level branches (the mouse is released over this higher-level node) the dragged node takes its level and becomes the previous child of this node.

In addition, if you drag-n-drop the tree branch it is moved together with its leaves.

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Event handling within DnD can help you change dragging as well as dropping pattern.

For instance, if you want to prevent DnD on a top level items as well in leaf items, you should block it before the dragged element reaches the dropping area:

    onBeforeDragIn:function(ctx, ev){
        if (!id) return false;  // block dnd on top level
        if (!this.getItem(id).$count) return false; // block dnd in leaf items

Dropping process can be as well customized. To enable dropping of the nodes into a tree branch as its children you should state that the dropping target is a parent branch.

    onBeforeDrop:function(ctx, ev){
        ctx.parent =;    //drop as child
        ctx.index = -1; //as last child

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The position of a dropped item is set in the following way: the item becomes the first child if it is dropped over an opened tree branch; in other cases, e.g. the item is dropped over the leaves of a tree branch is takes the next position relative to the child it is dropped over:

    onBeforeDrop:function(ctx, ev){
        if (this.getItem($count && this.getItem({
            // drop as first child if the item is dropped into an opened tree branch
            ctx.parent =;
            ctx.index = 0;
        } else {
            // in other cases, the dropped item takes the next next position 

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