Version 9.0

released on October 7, 2021

New Features

  • ability to load and save dates in UTC format with the serverUTC property
  • ability to define separate working calendars for resources via the resourceCalendars property


  • override doesn't work for windows builds
  • links are covered by the holiday layer
  • links are not sometimes rendered initially
  • links are not adjusted after an unsuccessful drop of task
  • selection and form are absent for a task added in resources view within a group
  • task is not synchronized in resources view after its type has been changed
  • "parents" of split tasks are visible in resources view
  • incorrect scroll after switching between tasks and resources views
  • scroll is reset after adding a new task
  • links do not adapt their paths if tasks' start and end are too close
  • removing the last parent task does not re-render links
  • holiday highlighting is not aligned to hour scale
  • projects are not updated when kids are moved in and out
  • initial X scroll position in resource diagram
  • new task is not selected, form is not open
  • selecting an event out of viewport does not scroll to this event
  • moving tasks into projects does not change the project duration
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