Version 8.2

released on March 3, 2021

Breaking Change

  • isHoliday is moved from Local service to Gantt configuration
  • the parent reactive property is renamed into edit

Check details in the Migration article to evaluate the influence on your projects and get info on the current functionality.

New Features


  • ability to load and assign resources (single or multiple) to tasks via the resources property.
  • ability to switch between tasks view and resources view via the display property
  • resource diagram: ability to visualize resource load per day with the help of the resourcesDiagram property

Read more about resources in the dedicated article.


  • ability to show critical path with the criticalPath property
  • ability to transform all tasks that have subtasks into projects via the projects property
  • ability to include only working days in task duration via the excludeHolidays property


  • auto scroll beyond scale edges
  • links are not shown in form when the first link is added to a task
  • compact-to-full transition after scrolling throws an error
  • clearing dates in form results in an error during live update
  • links can be duplicated when users change their type
  • some customization samples
  • scroll lag between Tree and Bars
  • setting scales by API does not refresh UI
  • start-on-monday weeks are not reflected in scales
  • new links added via DnD were not updated in open info and form
  • project duration is not updated after task is moved from/into it by DnD in Tree
  • extra unit is added in precision mode when end of task is resized
  • progress bar is not shown when tasks are reordered in tree
  • locale change is not applied to scale labels
  • width of greater scale unit is calculated wrongly if min unit is week
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