enables or disables drag-and-drop

boolean|string drag;


  • true
    enables DnD within the component, allows taking items into its other instances and different components on the page;
  • "order"
    enables DnD in the reorder mode, allows dragging component items within one component thus changing their order;
  • "move"
    enables DnD that allows to move out dragged nodes;
  • "inner"
    is a simplified variation of "order", during which the dragged item does not reserve a place for itself and can be dragged outside the component borders;
  • "source"
    enables dragging items from the component without an ability to drop data from other components;
  • "target"
    enables dropping data to the component. It can take data from outside, but you cannot drag anything from it;
  • false
    disables DnD within the component.
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