makes the component visible

void show( [HTMLElement node,object position,string point] );
nodeHTMLElementoptional, HTML element where the popup is shown
positionobjectoptional, object that may contain pos, x and y properties (see details)
pointstringoptional, the popup pointer (arrow) direction ("top", "left", "right", "bottom")


// specifying an HTML node near which a window will be shown
// placing the window above the node
$$("window").show(node, {pos:"top"});
// setting the window's position
$$("window"). show({
    x:300, // left offset from the right side
    y:50 // top offset



The properties of the position object are:

  • pos - {string} optional, "top", "left", "right", "bottom";
  • x - {number} horizontal offset;
  • y - {number} vertical offset.

Position object may be passed as the first argument instead of node.

Method usage

This method helps showing the windows that were hidden before (initially or with the help of the hide() method). To show a window you can use:

  • either the show() method;
  • or hidden parameter.
  hidden:false, /* ! */
  head:"My Window",
    template:"Some text"    
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