gets IDs of items taking part in the current group opening

object getOpenState();


objectobject containing an array all parents to this level and an array of items from the currently opened group


    data:[ //hierarchical JSON dataset
        {id:"root", value:"Films data", open:true, data:[
            { id:"1", open:true, value:"The Shawshank Redemption", data:[
                { id:"1.1", value:"Part 1" },
                { id:"1.2", value:"Part 2", data:[
                    { id:"1.2.1", value:"Page 1" },
                    { id:"1.2.2", value:"Page 1" }
                { id:"1.3", value:"Part 3" }
            { id:"2", open:true, value:"The Godfather", data:[
                { id:"2.1", value:"Part 1" }
var state = $$('grouplist1').getOpenState();
    result = JSON.stringify(state);
If you open the "root" branch, there go to "1" and then open the "1.2"

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The return object contains two properties:

  • parents (array )- ID of the all parents (parents of the currently opened group from lower ot upper level);
  • branch (array)- IDs of the items from the currently opened group.

On the upper level with all the groups closed, "parents" will be empty.

In case you use non-hierarchical data and form groups(parents) on the go during component init, they take automatically generated IDs.

    "parents":["1363185715932"], <- auto ID

If needed each of the array can be accessed as well as attributes of each data item:

function get_children(){
            var state = $$('group').getOpenState().branch; //gets only children
            titles = [];
            for (var i=0; i<state.length; i++){ 
                var id = state[i];
                var title = $$('group').getItem(id).title;
            alert(titles.join(",\n")); //get all the titles of the children
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