the URL which the component will use to load data after its initialization

string|function|object url;


    datatype: "xml",
    url: "data.xml"
    // ...

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Used in conjunction with the datatype parameter.
If datatype isn't provided, the component will expect data in the JSON format.

The url parameter can be set as:

  • string - a path to a file or a script
    view:"datatable", id:"table",
  • function - a function to fetch and parse the data into a widget
{ view:"datatable", id:"table", autoConfig:true, url:function(params){
    return webix.ajax("some/path");
{ view:"list", id:"list", template:"#id#. #package#", url:{
    load:function(view, params){
       return webix.ajax().get("data/some", params);
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