JavaScript array containing data for the component

string|array|object data;


var data = [
    { id:"1", open:true, value:"The Shawshank Redemption", data:[
        { id:"1.1", value:"Part 1" },
        { id:"1.2", value:"Part 2" },
        { id:"1.3", value:"Part 3" }
    { id:"2", value:"The Godfather", open:true, data:[
        { id:"2.1", value:"Part 1", disabled:true },
        { id:"2.2", value:"Part 2" }
    view:"tree", data:data

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Each data item of Tree can have the following properties:

  • id (string,number) - the ID of the data item
  • value (string) - the name of the item that will be displayed next to the corresponding node
  • data (array) - nested data items of this node
  • open (boolean) - defines whether the node will be initially opened or closed (only for parent nodes, false by default)
  • disabled (boolean) - defines whether the node will be initially enabled or disabled (false by default)

All these properties can be set and changed.

After the data is parsed, each data item will be supplied with the following readonly properties to form the hierarchy:

  • $level - (number) the level of nesting (one-based numbering);
  • parent - (string) the id of thr item parent;
  • $count - (number) the number of children
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