Settings for Line Charts

Here various properties of line charts are listed. The properties construct the chart object. Some of the properties contain an object as value. Data-presenting properties are compulsory while a number of styling options can be omitted or replaced.

Data Presentation

  • value (string) - the data item chosen for graphical representation; as a rule, its values are taken for text labels of the Y axis
  • data / url (string) - data source for the component
  • label (string) - text labels for each point on the line.

Setting titles for each axis:

Here you should add title parameter for xAxis and yAxis constructor:

    title:"Some Text_1"
    title:"Some Text_2"

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Learn how to set scales for the chart in the corresponding chapter of the manual.

Chart Series. Several Graphs in One Chart

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Read more about Chart Series.

Styling and Positioning

  • item (object) - a point on the line, a stop for each value. It includes:
    • alpha (number) - (number from 0 to 1) the marker opacity (by default, 1)
    • borderColor (string,function) - the color of the point border
    • borderWidth (number) - the width of the border (for square points)
    • color (string, function) - the color of the points as a hex code or a function
    • eventRadius (number) - the radius of the virtual circle the events of which will fire for items within
    • shadow (boolean) - if true, adds a shadow to a point. False by default
    • radius (number) - the radius of the point
    • type - (string) - the shape of a marker ( by default, 'r'). The predefined values are:
      • 's' - square
      • 't' - triangle
      • 'd' - diamond
      • 'r' - round.
  • line - a broken or curved (in case of a spline chart) line:
    • color (string) - the color of the line as a hex code
    • width (number) - the width of the line
    • shadow (boolean) - a shadow for the line (optional).
  • offset (number) - the offset of the first item in a chart, the initial numeric value.

Getting rid of points on the line


Making square points for the line

       color: "#b64040",
       borderWidth:1 //here you make it square

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Style Presets

There are three style presets for the Chart component

  • plot - a blue line with white points
  • diamond - an orange line with wine red square points
  • square - an emerald line with hollow square points
  • round - a blue line with semi-transparent points
  • simple - a light green line with dark green points.

All of them are set with the help of preset property.

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