Setting Progress Bar and Overlay Messages

Webix allows visualizing the application workflow by adding the following elements to its components:

  • progress bar;
  • progress icon;
  • overlay box with or without message;

Setting Progress Bar/Icon

Progress bar and icon are provided by Webix Progress Bar module that can be easily mixed into any component including layouts.

webix.extend($$("view_id"), webix.ProgressBar);

Since now, the component with "vew_id" ID features two methods:

  • showProgress(config) - shows the progress bar/icon according to the passed configuration, or default one if the configuration is not provided;
  • hideProgress - hides progress bar/icon that was shown by the above mentioned method.

Configuration (progress_config) for a progress bar/icon includes:

  • type (string) - type of a progress element:
    • "top" - progress bar at the top of the view;
    • "bottom" - progress bar at the bottom of the view;
    • "icon" - progress icon at the center of the view;
  • icon (string) - icon name (only if type:"icon" is set). Icon names can be checked at FontAwesome);
  • delay (number) - life time in milliseconds of the progress bar, after which it is hidden (if hide parameter is enabled);
  • hide (boolean) - specifies whether a progress bar/icon should be hidden after its life time.
  • position (number) - an optional parameter, true only for the progress bar. Specifies the position of a progress mark on a bar. Varies from 0 to 1.

Progress Bar for the Data Component

Progress Bar

//initializing the component
    view:"datatable", id:"data", ..
//adding progress bar functionality to it
webix.extend($$("data"), webix.ProgressBar);
//using the functionality

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Progress Icon for Layout

Progress Icon

//initializing the layout
    id:"app", rows:[ config..
//adding progress bar functionality to it
webix.extend($$("app"), webix.ProgressBar);
//using the functionality

Additionally, an app can be disabled for the time being.

Related sample:  Progress Bars::Layout

Setting Overlay Boxes to Components

Related sample:  Empty List

Overlay box is provided by Webix OverlayBox module and allows creating placeholders for data components.

The module needs to be included into the component:

webix.extend($$("list1"), webix.OverlayBox);

After that the following methods become accessible from the component:

  • showOverlay(text) - shows overlay box with the defined text or HTML;
  • hideOverlay() - hides the overlay box;

A blue bar with webix_loading_overlay CSS class will be shown. To get rid of it, or set another loading image, redefine this class.

List with 'no data' message

        if (!this.count()){ //if no data are available
            webix.extend(this, webix.OverlayBox);
            this.showOverlay("<div style='...'>There is no data</div>");

Related sample:  Empty List

Component-specific support of overlay boxes

Webix datatable features prebuilt overlay support.

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