routes events from one object to another

void mapEvent(object map);
mapobjectthe object with event-object relations


// As a result, when the second list is clicked, the function that was initially 
// attached only to the first one, will be executed for it as well:
        { view:"list", id:"list1", data:list_data, on:{
        { view:"list", id:"list2", data:list_data}
//here event name should be in the lower case
function getItemValue(id){
    var obj = this.$eventSource || this;
    var value = obj.getItem(id).value;
    webix.message("List: "", clicked: "+id);


Note that if you need to access the object for which the handler is called at the moment, you can do it via $eventSource property while this will always point to the object for which the handler is attached initially.

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