Handlers drag-n-drop events.

addDrag registers drag area
addDrop registers drop area
createDrag called when drag-n-drop is initiated, creates drag representation
destroyDrag called after drag-n-drop, removes all traces and html elements
getContext gets drag-n-drop context object
getMaster returns object which controls dnd
getNode gets HTML node of drag marker
sendSignal sets drag-n-drop active state for drag-n-drop context object
unlink removes the component from dnd logic
$drag called when drag-n-drop has started and defines a dragging behavior
$dragIn called when mouse was moved in drop area and defines marker behavior within the drop area
$dragOut called when the mouse pointer has been moved out of the drop area
$dragPos defines the position of a dragged item
$drop called when mouse was released over drop area and defines dropping behavior
left position of drag marker relative to mouse cursor
top position of drag marker relative to cursor
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