Visualization and handling resize movements.

Not purposed for direct initialization. Check UI.Resizearea. Common Tips article for more detailed description.

attachEvent attaches the handler to an inner event of the component
blockEvent temporarily blocks triggering of ALL events of the calling object
callEvent calls an inner event
define redefines a single configuration property (or a object with properties)
detachEvent detaches a handler from an event (which was attached before by the attachEvent method)
hasEvent checks whether the component has the specified event handler
mapEvent routes events from one object to another
unblockEvent cancels events blocking that was enabled by the 'blockEvent' command
onResize fires when the user drags the "resize" handle
onResizeEnd fires when the user ends dragging the "resize" handle (releases the mouse button)
border enables border around resize area
container html element to which area will be attached
cursor which cursor to show during resize
dir sets the direction of resizing
eventPos the top (vertical resizing) or left (horizontal resizing) absolute event position
height vertical size of resizing area
id the ID of a widget
on allows attaching custom handlers to inner events of the component
start sets the top (vertical resizing) or left (horizontal resizing) initial relative position of the 'resize' marker
width horizontal size of resizing area
config all options from the initial component configuration
name indicates the name of the component (a read-only property)
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