PDFviewer sets text labels for page switching and document zooming options in PDF viewer
am sets the default label for time before noon
aria sets aria labels for clickable areas of widgets
calendar the default locale months and days names
combo default names for the option that selects/unselects all combo items
comments default labels for buttons and menu options in the Comments widget
controls sets text labels for some elements of Webix components
dataExport sets text labels for the parts of the page numbering line in the exported PDF document
dateFormat sets the default locale date format
dbllist the default labels of the DoubleList widget
decimalDelimiter a char which separates the decimal part in the float number. The default value is ”.”
decimalSize the number of decimal digits in the float number
fileSize sets abbreviations for file sizes from byte to exabyte
filter default locales for Filter rules
fullDateFormat sets the default locale date-time format
groupDelimiter a char which separates groups of digits. The default value is ”,”;
groupSize the number of digits in a group. The default value is 3
hint the default local names for the "Next", "Previous" and "End Tour" buttons:
kanban default locales and tooltips for Kanban
locale the name of the active locale
locales creates a new locale
longDateFormat sets the default locale the long-date format
message default locales for labels of the buttons in the alert/confirm modal message boxes
minusPosition the position of a negative sign
minusSign a sign for a negative number
pager default locales for the order buttons (first, last, prev, next)
parseFormat sets the default locale parsing date format. Initially it is "**%Y-%m-%d "%H:%i:%s**".
parseTimeFormat sets the default locale parsing time format. Initially it is **%H:%i:%s**.
pivot default Pivot titles
pm sets the default label for time after noon
price sets the default locale price format
priceSettings sets the format of the price number
querybuilder default locales for Query Builder labels and rules
richtext default locales for labels of the font style buttons in the RichText control
spreadsheet default locales for Spreadsheet labels and tooltips
timeFormat sets the default locale time format
timeboard default locales for TimeBoard
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