default locales for Query Builder labels and rules

object querybuilder;


webix.i18n.querybuilder ={
    or: "or",
    and: "and",
    delete_rule: "Delete rule",
    add_rule: "Add rule",
    add_group: "Add group",
    less: "less",
    less_or_equal: "less or equal",
    greater: "greater",
    greater_or_equal: "greater or equal",
    between: "between",
    not_between: "not between",
    begins_with: "begins with",
    not_begins_with: "not begins with",
    contains: "contains",
    not_contains: "not contains",
    ends_with: "ends with",
    not_ends_with: "not ends with",
    is_empty: "is empty",
    is_not_empty: "is not empty",
    equal: "equal",
    not_equal: "not equal",
    is_null: "is null",
    is_not_null: "is not null"

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