defines styles for a specified shape

void setShape(string id,object obj);
idstringshape ID
objobjectshape configuration


// set styles for each block with type "rrect"
$$("diagram1").setShape("rrect", {
  backgroundColor: "#D1C4E9", 
  lineColor: "#D1C4E9"

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The configuration object can include the following fields:

  • angle (string, number) - angle of the shape rotation. The rotation origin is center
  • name (string) - name displayed in the tooltip when the correspodning shape is hovered over in the editor
  • fillOpacity (string, number) - opacity of the fill color inside the shape. Ranges from 0.0 to 1 or percentage from "0%" to "100%"
  • lineWidth (string, number) - width of the shape outline
  • lineColor (string, number) - color of the shape outline. "#ccd7e6" be default
  • lineStyle (string, number) - stroke-dasharray for outline. Possible values are
    • "dotted"
    • "dashed"
    • numeric value The higher value is, the more space is in between dashes.
  • backgroundColor (string) - background color (color name or HEX value). "#f4f5f9" by default
  • altBackgroudColor (string) - alternative background. "#ccd7e6" by default. The property is only applicable to the "dots" type and custom shapes.
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