allows displaying day events grouped by categories

boolean units;


  view: "scheduler",
  url: "https://docs.webix.com/calendar-backend/",
  units: true });

Default value:


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If set to true the property allows switching Scheduler to the Units mode. In this mode users can look through the events grouped by certain categories (units). Events can belong to one or multiple units.

To assign an event to any unit, you need to

It is a static setting, so if you want switch it dynamically, you will have to rerender the app:

  view: "scheduler",
  id: "scheduler1"
$$("scheduler1").config.units = true;

To open the units mode initially, set the units property to true and the mode property to "units":

  view: "scheduler",
  url: "https://docs.webix.com/calendar-backend/",
  units: true,   mode:"units", });

If you want to change the current mode later, refer to the state mode property (provided the units property is initially enabled). The changes will be applied immediately.

$$("scheduler1").getState().mode = "units";
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