Tree CSS

Webix Date tree basic use

CSS class Element
.webix_tree the whole tree
.webix_tree_branch_1 the first-level items of the tree
.webix_tree_branch_2 the second-level items of the tree
.webix_tree_branch_3 the third-level branches of the tree
.webix_tree_leaves items within the branch
.webix_tree_item an inline item within the tree
.webix_tree_folder a 'closed' folder icon
.webix_tree_folder_open an 'open' folder icon
.webix_tree_open an 'open branch' sign
.webix_tree_close a 'closed branch' sign
.webix_tree_file a file icon
.webix_tree_none an 'empty' branch sign
.webix_tree_item.webix_selected a selected inline item

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