Tabbar CSS

Webix Tabbar CSS map

CSS class Element
.webix_control.webix_el_tabbar The whole Tabbar. Since most of the time a number of ".webix_item_tabs" will be rendered on top of it, the most often visible part of ".webix_el_tabbar" is the ".webix_tab_more_icon" at the end of the tab strip.
.webix_icon.wxi-dots Icon at the end of the tab strip when there are more tabs to display than fit horizontally.
.webix_tab_more_icon The icon area
.webix_item_tab A tab in the Tabbar.
.webix_item_tab.webix_selected The selected tab.
.webix_all_tabs All tabs in the Tabbar. Displayed on top of the ".webix_el_tabbar" and under ".webix_item_tab" and ".webix_tab_filler".
.webix_all_tabs.webixtype_bottom All tabs in the Tabbar of the "bottom" type
.webix_tab_filler Space between ".webix_item_tab"s and on the right and left ends of a top Tabbar.
.webix_before_all_tabs A div before ".webix_el_tabbar". By default 100% wide and 1px tall.
.webix_after_all_tabs A div after ".webix_el_tabbar", separating it from the content below. By default 100% wide and 6px tall.

All the classes are applicable for both top and bottom Tabbar except for:

  • .webix_all_tabs.webixtype_bottom - class specific to bottom Tabbar only;
  • .webix_tab_filler - appears in the top Tabbar only if total width of all tabs is less than available space;
  • .webix_before_all_tabs, .webix_after_all_tabs - absent in the Material and Mini skins.

Read more about Tabbar control.

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