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UI-related tabbar is an integral button that allows for changing between views in a multiview layout. Its tabs can be nested with images and icons.


        view: "tabbar", 
        id: "tabbar", 
        value: "listView", 
        multiview: true, options: [
            { value: "List", id: "listView"},
            { value: "Form", id: "formView"},
            { value: "Empty", id: "emptyView"}
    //and then multiview goes

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Main properties

  • multiview (boolean)- if true, it links tabs to multiview cells;
  • options (array, object) - defines buttons for switching between views. Details;
  • value (string) -
    • within options array it sets titles for tabs;
    • within Tabbar constructor it defines the tab that will be shown initially on page loading.
  • type (string) - if set to "bottom", the tabbar gets other styling, more suitable for tabs placed under the multiview. It can be done by changing the order of layout rows;
  • close (boolean) - if true, the "close" functionality for each tab is provided. Each tab can be closed by clicking a dedicated icon on it.

Compare top and bottom tabbar in a sample:

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'Close' Button for Tabs

Tabs featuring a close property in the tab configuration gain the ability to be closed by clicking the dedicated "Cross" icon:

//all tabs can be closed
{view:"tabbar", close:true, options:[...]}
//only "Tab1" can be closed
{view:"tabbar", options:[
    {id:1, value:"Tab1", close:true},
    {id:1, value:"Tab2"}

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Showing and Hiding Options

There's a possibility to hide and show tabs using Tabbar API. To apply this feature, make use of the showOption and hideOption methods correspondingly. Both methods take the view id as a parameter.

For example, you can hide a form view placed into one of the tabs:

        {view: "form", cols:[
            { view:"toggle", offLabel:"Hide Form", onLabel:"Show Form", on:{
                onChange: function(value){

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Tab Icons

Icons are defined through additional HTML provided within the tab value:

 { view:"tabbar", options: [
    { value: "<span class='webix_icon fa-film'></span>List", id: 'listView' }

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You can learn more about different types of defining icons in Webix in the Icons with UI Widgets article.

Advanced Tabbar Usage

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