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UI-related textarea control is a multi-line input field with a label.


    view: "textarea", 
    label: "Note", 
    labelAlign: "right", 
    height: 200, 
    value: "type here" 

Related sample:  Multiline Text Input('textarea')

Main properties

  • label (string) - text label of a control. It can be customized by:
    • labelAlign (string) - label alignment towards its container. Possible values are "left" and "right". In any way, it's placed to the left of the control;
    • labelWidth (number) - width of the label container;
    • labelPosition (string) - defines label position related to the input field. There are two possible values: "left" (the default one) and "top".
  • width, height (integer) - defines the dimension of the text field;
  • value (string) - sets the initial text in the field (replaced by input text later)
  • placeholder (string) - the initial text in the textarea field, disappears as you start typing in it;
  • attributes (object) - a hash of properties. See Text description for details.

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