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Segmented is an integral button with as many segments as you like. Can be used for switching between MultiView cells.


{view:"segmented", multiview:true, value:1, options:[
    { id:"1", value:"Section A" }, // the initially selected segment
    { id:"2", value:"Section B" }, 
    { id:"3", value:"Section C" }]
//short form for options array
{ view:"segmented", options:["Section A", "Section B", "Section C"]}

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Main properties

  • multiview (boolean) - connects the control to the MultiView cells, enables switching between these cells;
  • options (array, object) - defines the buttons (segments) within the control. Details;
  • value (string, number)
    • within options array it sets titles for button segments;
    • within Segmented constructor it defines the initially selected item for the control;
  • label (string) - text label of a control. It can be customized by:
    • labelAlign (string) - label alignment towards its container. Possible values are "left" and "right". In any way, it's placed left to the control;
    • labelWidth (number) - width of the label container.

Showing and Hiding Options

Segmented Button provides the possibility to hide and show segments with the help of the corresponding methods: showOption and hideOption.

You need to pass the id of the view that should be hidden as a parameter.

// hiding view
// showing view

Working with Segmented Button

Adding and Deleting Segments (Options) on the Go

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