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UI-related radio is a block of several items with the possibility to check only one of them at a time.


{view:"radio", label:"Branch", value:1, options:[
    { id:1, value:"Master" }, // the initially selected item
    { id:2, value:"Branch" }
// short form for options array
{view:"radio", options:["Master", "Branch"]}

Related sample:  Radio Button ('radio')

Main properties

  • value (string, number)
    • within options array it sets titles of radio buttons;
    • within Radio constructor it defines the initially selected radio button;
  • id (string, number) - used with the radio block as well as with each of its items;
  • options (array, object) - defines the set of items to select from. Details.
  • label (string) - text label of a control. It can be customized by:
    • labelAlign (string) - label alignment towards its container. Possible values are "left" and "right". In any way, it's placed left to the control;
    • labelWidth (number) - width of the label container;
  • align (string)- positions button with relation to a parent view;
  • vertical (boolean) - defines vertical arrangement of radio buttons.

Webix radio control is based on standard HTML radio, yet some skins use either a Font Awesome or Material Design icon to render it. To switch to a standard HTML radio, use the customRadio property:

{view:"radio", customRadio:false}

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