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The control is available only in Webix Pro edition.

API Reference


Range Slider is an advanced Slider control that allows selecting a specific range of values with two markers. The colored space between the markers defines the values included into the range.


{ view:"rangeslider", label:"Level B", value:[0,50], name:"s2"}

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Main Properties

  • value (string|array) - the starting and the ending values of the range;
  • label (string) - the text label of the control. It can be customized by:
    • labelAlign (string) - the label alignment towards its container. Possible values are "left" and "right". In any way, it's placed left to the control;
    • labelWidth (number) - the width of the label container;
  • name (string) - the name of the control used to get its value in the form;
  • title (template|function) - the text label over the slider marker;
  • type (string) - the type of the rangeslider marker. The default marker is round. To set an alternative square marker, set the type value to "alt".
  • moveTitle (boolean) - defines that the text label of rangeslider is movable. true by default;
  • vertical (boolean) - makes the slider vertical. false by default.

Vertical RangeSlider

You can initialize RangeSlider both in the horizontal and vertical modes. A vertical range slider is presented in the image below:

To make the control vertical, set the vertical attribute of the rangeslider configuration object to true.

{ view:"rangeslider", value:"15,60", width:70, vertical:true },

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RangeSlider Title

RangeSlider title is based on the current value of the control.

For a simple title that displays the current value and a static text, set a template via the webix.template class:

{view:"rangeslider", title:webix.template("Selected: #value#")}

For a complex title that changes its text depending on the current value, define a function template:

{view:"rangeslider", title:function(obj){
    // title for values over 20
    var text = obj.value > 20 ? "Minimum level reached. " : "";
    return text + "Value: "+ obj.value;} // title for other values

By default, the rangeslider title is movable. You can change this behavior by setting the moveTitle property to false:

{view:"rangeslider", title:webix.template("Selected: #value#"), moveTitle:false}

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RangeSlider Events

Make use of rangeslider events to set a changing title for a drag marker:

  • onChange - a common event for all controls that fires each time the value of a control changes. For a rangeslider it takes place as soon as you stop dragging the marker, which sets a new value.
  • onSliderDrag - fires each time you drag the marker over the line, while paying attention to the changing value.
{view:"rangeslider", on:{
        this.define("title", "Final value " + this.getValue());
        this.define("title", "Dragging... Currently "+this.getValue());

The new title is set with the help of the define method while the current value is derived with the getValue one.

Read more about Changing Properties of Components.

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