You can easily localize Kanban by providing the correct translation for all text labels.

It's possible to localize the following properties:

  • text on editor buttons and labels
  • card action options

The labels of Kanban buttons and menu items are stored in the webix.i18n.kanban object:

webix.i18n.kanban = {
    "copy" : "Copy",
    "dnd" : "Drop Files Here",
    "remove" : "Remove",
    "save" : "Save",
    "confirm":"The card will be deleted permanently, are you sure?",
        "add" : "Add card",
        "assign" : "Assign to",
        "attachments" : "Attachments",
        "color" : "Color",
        "head" : "Editor",
        "status" : "Status",
        "tags" : "Tags",
        "text" : "Text",
        "upload" : "Upload"
        "copy": "Copy",
        "edit": "Edit",
        "remove": "Remove"

To apply a custom locale, you can follow one of the two ways:

1) redefine default labels according to your locale directly in the webix.i18n.kanban object;

2) set an extra locale as described below:

  • include the chosen locale library into your page:
<script src="../../../codebase/i18n/ru.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
  • define 'kanban' labels and tooltips in the webix.i18n.locales[localeName] object:
webix.i18n.locales["ru-RU"].kanban = {
    "copy" : "Копировать",
    "dnd" : "Бросайте файлы сюда",
    "remove" : "Удалить",
    "save" : "Сохранить",
    "confirm" : "Вы собираетесь навсегда удалить эту карточку. Вы уверены?",
        "add" : "Добавить карточку",
        "assign" : "Назначить",
        "attachments" : "Вложения",
        "color" : "Цвет",
        "head" : "Редактор",
        "status" : "Статус",
        "tags" : "Метки",
        "text" : "Текст",
        "upload" : "Загрузить"
        "copy": "Копировать",
        "edit": "Редактировать",
        "remove": "Удалить"
  • apply the created locale with the help of the setLocale method:
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