Handling Events with Kanban Board

Attaching Event Handlers

You can add any user-defined handler to any of the available events. To do this, you can use the attachEvent method with the following parameters:

  • evName - the name of the event;
  • evHandler - your own event handler.
$$("myBoard").attachEvent(evName, evHandler);

Several handlers can be attached to one and the same event, and all of them will be executed. The names of the events are case-insensitive.

Event handlers can also be attached with the on property:

        onListIconClick: function(iconId, itemId){
            webix.message("Icon click in '"+this.getItem(itemId).text+"' item");
        { header:"Backlog", body:{ view:"kanbanlist", status:"new", type: "icons" }},
        { header:"In Progress", body:{ view:"kanbanlist", status:"work", type: "icons" }}

Related sample:  Icon Click

Detaching Event Handlers

There is a simple way of removing an event-handler:

$$("myBoard").detachEvent(id); // the unique ID of the event handler

List of Supported Events

You can find the full list of supported events in the Kanban Board API Reference.

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