Internationalization of DataTable

DataTable provides support for numbers, currency and date internationalization.

The standard package of the Webix library includes 9 locales, namely:

  • 'en-US' - North American (used by default);
  • 'ru-RU' - Russian;
  • 'fr-FR' - French;
  • 'ja-JP' - Japanese;
  • 'be-BY' - Belarusian;
  • 'de-DE' - German;
  • 'es-ES' - Spanish;
  • 'it-IT' - Italian;
  • 'zh-CN' - Chinese.

Webix Pro edition includes over 300 locales to match a great variety of cultures.

To localize your app into some other language, you should do the following:

  1. Create a locale file.
  2. Activate the locale.

Creating locales

Locale is created in a separate js file named as "ll-CC", where

  • ll - a two-letter language code;
  • CC - a two-letter country code.

Creating Spanish (Spain) locale for DataTable. The 'es-ES.js' file

webix.i18n.locales["es-ES"]={   //"es-ES" - the locale name, the same as the file name
  groupDelimiter:" ",         //a mark that divides numbers with many digits into groups
  groupSize:3,                //the number of digits in a group
  decimalDelimiter:",",       //the decimal delimiter
  decimalSize:2,              //the number of digits after the decimal mark
  dateFormat:"%d/%m/%Y",      //applied to columns with 'format:webix.i18n.dateFormatStr'
  timeFormat:"%H:%i",         //applied to columns with 'format:webix.i18n.dateFormatStr'
  longDateFormat:"%d %F %Y",  //applied to columns with 'format:webix.i18n.longDateFormatStr'
  fullDateFormat:"%d.%m.%Y %H:%i",//applied to cols with 'format:webix.i18n.fullDateFormatStr'
  price:"{obj} EUR",//EUR-currency name.Applied to cols with 'format:webix.i18n.priceFormat'
     monthFull:["Enero", "Febrero", "Marzo", "Abril", "Mayo", "Junio", "Julio", "Agosto", 
                "Septiembre", "Octubre", "Noviembre", "Diciembre"],
     monthShort:["En", "Feb", "Mar", "Abr", "Mayo", "Jun", "Jul", "Ago", "Sep", "Oct", 
                "Nov", "Dic"],  
     dayFull:["Domingo", "Lunes", "Martes", "Miercoles", "Jueves", "Viernes", "Sabado"],
     dayShort:["Dom", "Lun", "Mar", "Mier", "Jue", "Vier", "Sab"]
  • monthFull - the full names of months starting from January;
  • monthShort - the short names of months starting from January;
  • dayFull - the full names of week days starting from Sunday;
  • dayShort - the short names of week days starting from Sunday.

Activating the locale

To activate locale:

  1. Include the related locale file on the page;
  2. Call webix.i18n.setLocale('locale_name') ( !before DataTable initialization).
<script src="../locale/es-ES.js" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script>
    grid = new webix.ui({ 
            { header:"Date",  id:"start", format:webix.i18n.dateFormatStr},
            { header:"LongDate",width:170, id:"start",format:webix.i18n.longDateFormatStr},
            { header:"Price",  id:"number", format:webix.i18n.priceFormat },

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