Starting from Webix 8.0 the widget is deprecated. Use a more powerful alternative - the Scheduler.

Dynamic Loading

By default, Scheduler loads all data at once.

It may cause some problems when you are using big event collections. In such situations you may use the dynamic loading mode and load data by parts. Date range depends on the chosen mode of loading.

To enable the dynamic loading, you should call the setLoadMode method before data loading:

// load data

As a parameter, the method takes the loading mode that defines the size of the data to load - month or year. For example, if you set the 'year' mode, the scheduler will request data just for the selected year and load remaining ones on demand.

The generated requests look like:

  • where DATEHERE - a valid date value in the format defined by the configuration property scheduler.config.dyn_load_date ("%Y-%m-%d").
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