Localizing Scheduler

Basic principles

The mobile version as well as the desktop one allows you to adapt the scheduler to a particular language and a region.

To localize the scheduler to some language you should know the following:
All locale's parameters for the mobile version are contained in the scheduler.locale.labels object and to redefine the parameters you should 'rewrite' this object.

For 'rewriting' you should use the technique below:

scheduler.locale.labels = labels;

where labels is any object variable that contains the redefined parameters.

var labels = {
    icon_today : "...",

In order to localize dates (week days and months) you should follow the instruction given in the article Components Localization.

Localization parameters for Scheduler

The table below presents all localization parameters available for the mobile version of the scheduler.

scheduler.locale.labels = {
    list_tab: "List",
    day_tab: "Day",
    month_tab: "Month",
    icon_today: "Today",
    icon_save: "Save",
    icon_done: "Done",
    icon_delete: "Delete event",
    icon_cancel: "Cancel",
    icon_edit: "Edit",
    icon_back: "Back",
    icon_close: "Close form",
    icon_yes: "Yes",
    icon_no: "No",
    confirm_closing: "Your changes will be lost, are your sure ?",
    confirm_deleting: "The event will be deleted permanently, are you sure?",
    label_event: "Event", 
    label_start: "Start",
    label_end: "End",
    label_details: "Notes",
    label_from: "from",
    label_to: "to",
    label_allday: "All day",
    label_time: "Time"

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Recurring events

Recurring events use the same technique, but take another locale object - scheduler.locale.labels.recurring.

Localization parameters for recurring events:

scheduler.locale.labels.recurring = {
    none: "Never",
    daily: "Daily",
    day: "day(s)",
    every: "Every",
    weekly: "Weekly",
    week: "week(s) on",
    each: "Each",
    on_day: "on the",
    monthly: "Monthly",
    month: "month(s)",
    month_day: "on what day of the month",
    week_day: "on what day of the week",
    yearly: "Yearly",
    year: "year(s) in",
    counters: ["the first","the second","the third", "the fourth", "the fifth"],
    never: "Never",
    repeat: "Repeat",
    end_repeat: "End repeat",
    endless_repeat: "Endless repeat",
    end_repeat_label: "Repeat will end by"
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