Recurring Events

Enabling functionality

You can set a repetition period for events in the scheduler. For this purpose, you should enable the recurring events functionality, by means of using the following configuration property:

scheduler.config.recurring = true;

Once the recurring events are enabled, the "Edit form" starts looking like shown below:

To set a single event in this form, the user must choose the option Never in the Repeat field.

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Format details

A recurring event is stored in the database as a single record that contains all fields of regular events + 2 additional:

  • rec_type - defines the logic of repetition;
  • event_length - the actual time length of an event in seconds.

However, the fields start_date and end_date slightly change their meaning:

  • start_date - the start date of the first event in a series in the format 'yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss' (format details);
  • end_date - the end date of the last event in a series in the format 'yyyy-mm-dd 00:00:00' (format details).

For example, a recurring event that starts on January 3, 2013 at 10:00, repeats every day and ends on January 13, 2013 at 12:00 will be presented in the db as follows:

start_date:"2013-01-03 09:00:00",
end_date:"2013-01-13 00:00:00",

The client side gets data from the rec_type field as a string of the following format:


  • type - the type of repetition: 'day','week','month','year';
  • count - the interval between events in the "type" units;
  • day and count2 - define the day of a month (first Monday, third Friday, etc.);
  • days - a comma-separated list of the affected week days;
  • extra - the extra info that can be used to change presentation of recurring details.

Examples of the rec_type data:

  • day_3___ - each three days;
  • month_2___ - each two month;
  • month_1_1_2_ - the second Monday of each month;
  • week_2___1,5 - Monday and Friday of each second week;

The double or triple underline indicates that the related parameters of the string are omitted.

    webix.ui({ view:"scheduler", id:"scheduler"});  
    var data = [
            start_date:"2012-06-01 09:00:00",
            end_date:"2092-02-01 09:00:00",
            text:"going to the job",

Repetition variations

As it was mentioned above, the Repeat field allows setting 4 different repetition steps:

  • 'daily'

  • 'weekly'

  • 'monthly'

  • yearly'

You can also set the date of repetition's end:

Customizing the 'Edit' form

The recurring 'Edit form' uses the same customization technique as the standard form does.

There's only a difference in the 'scheduler.config.form' template. For recurring events it will look like:

scheduler.config.form = [
        view: "text",       
        label: scheduler.locale.labels.label_event, 
        name: 'text', 
        labelWidth: 90
        view: "datetext",   
        label: scheduler.locale.labels.label_start, 
        id: 'start_date',   
        name: 'start_date', 
        dateFormat: scheduler.config.form_date, 
        labelWidth: 90
        view: "datetext",   
        label: labels.label_end,        
        id: 'end_date',     
        name: 'end_date',     
        dateFormat: scheduler.config.form_date, 
        labelWidth: 90
        view: "checkbox",   
        id: 'allDay',   
        name: 'allDay', 
        label: scheduler.locale.labels.label_allday,  
        value: 0, 
        labelWidth: 100
        view: "rectext",    
        label: scheduler.locale.labels.recurring.repeat,    
        id: 'rec_type', 
        name: 'rec_type', 
        readonly: true, 
        labelWidth: 90
        view: "textarea",   
        label: scheduler.locale.labels.label_details,   
        id: 'details',  
        name: 'details',        
        height: 110, 
        labelWidth: 90
        view: "text",   
        hidden: true, 
        id: 'event_length', 
        name: 'event_length'
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